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Thank you for visiting CD Business Cards 4 We are happy to provide the following pricing for your CD Recordable needs.

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Gauranteed Quality!

Our CD-R's are A-Grade media and will record on most CD-R burners. Some budget models may not work. (Be careful of others offering unreliable B-Grade media or "Seconds")

CD-Recordable Business Cards Media
50 MB
A-Grade Media
61 x 80 mm.

Includes FREE Vinyl Sleeves

Price Each
Special Offer
Free Vinyl Sleeves
Free Vinyl Sleeves
+ Free Labeling Kit
Free Freight*
Free Vinyl Sleeves
+ Free Labeling Kit
+ Free Freight*
Free Vinyl Sleeves
+ Free Labeling Kit
+ Free Freight*

*Free Freight is for UPS Ground Service anywhere in the Continental US.



For Your CD Recordable Business Cards

8 Labels per sheet / 10 sheets per pack = 80 labels
Matte Finish

1 pack $12.00 each = $1.20/sheet or $0.15 label
5 packs $10.00 each = $1.00/sheet or $0.125 label
10+ packs $9.00 each = $0.90/sheet or 0.1125 label

Labels are sold in complete packs only.
W e cannot break apart.


New Labeling Kit Designed Especially for the CD-R Business Card and standard & mini CD-Rs too!

PC Designer Software

Universal Applicator for: CD Business Cards, Mini CD’s and Standard CD’s

24 Photo Quality Matte Labels for CD-R Business Cards

20 Photo Quality Matte Labels for Standard Size CD-R’s

Price $30.00
* Free with purchase of 200+ CD-R Business Cards


Shipping & Handling Charges

UPS Ground Shipping Anywhere in US.

CD-R Business Cards
100 – 200 CD’s $6.00
500 – 1000 CD’s $10.00

CD Labels
1-10 packs $6.00
10+ packs TBD

Labeling Kit $10.00

Product may be combined to save on Freight costs. Your sales representative will provide exact freight costs on combo orders.


Pricing subject to change without notice.
Payment: Visa, Master Card, Check or Money Order
Sorry. No COD's

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